ISTE publications are devoted to the advancement of the science and technology of transdisciplinary engineering with relevant themes through the dissemination of original archival research papers disclosing methodologies, tools, methods, industrial case studies, modelling and research findings. Research in transdisciplinary engineering is expected to embrace the context in which the research takes place, the context in which the results are to be used as well the collaboration needed between various disciplines, technical as well as social science disciplines. Knowledge exchange between the various disciplines is central to transdisciplinary engineering.

The topics include Systems Engineering, Design for sustainability, Product Lifecycle Management, Collaborative Engineering, Cost Engineering, Knowledge Engineering / Management, Engineering Visualization, Managing product variety, Decision Support, Digital Manufacturing, Extended Enterprise, Distributed Engineering, CMMI, Ontologies, Web Technologies, Intellectual Property Protection, Digital Rights Management, Requirements Management, Interoperability, Standards, Long term retention and archiving,Variability Management, Formal Methods in Concurrent Engineering, Measuring/Analyzing Product Variety, etc. Papers also are sought which review in an intensive manner the results of recent research developments on any of the topics listed above.

ISTE publications

ISTE Publications consist of Proceedings and Special Issues in which extended papers are published from contributions to TE Conferences.

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